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Chianina Meat sampling

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Tasting of Chianina meat, Chianina cow, in Valdichiana, Tuscany: hamburger, Florentine steak, tartarre, sliced steak, roast beef. The area of the Tuscany from which the famous Chianina cow comes from and from which the Florentine steak is obtained. IGP

One of the most renowned products of Tuscany is the Chianina meat, from the area of the Valdichiana.

With our guides, you can delight your palate thanks to a sampling of Chianina meat. You will sample hamburger of Chianina meat, roast beef of Chianina meat, tartarre of Chianina meat, and sliced steak of Chianina meat. You can adjust the Chianina meat sampling to your wishes, adding for example a Florentine steak: the tasting can be held both for lunch and dinner.
It is possible to combine the tasting of Chianina meat with a visit of the historical estate, nearby the tasting hall, where the celebrate bovine breed is bred.

Characteristics of the Chianina breed
The Chianina is a big-sized bovine breed. The Chianina breed is tall up to the withers (bulls can reach 180cm of height), long and muscular body, thin skeleton, and it expresses power, beauty and productivity: as a matter of fact, it is known as the greatest bovine in the world.
The veals’ coat change during the growth and after the first year of age, from a gold colour of the birth, to the definitive white like porcelain. Breeders consider the easy calving to be the main characteristic of the Chianina breed.
Originally breeded in Valdichiana (from which the name) in Tuscany, it has been used both for working on fields and the meat production. During the second half of the 1900s, with the agricultural mechanization, its use as “working tool” diminished drastically, running the risk to disappear, just in its territory of origin, the Valdichiana, South of Tuscany.
Only the passion of few breeders safeguarded such an important genetic, economic and cultural heritage, focusing on the value of its meat.
For this reason, the selective process has been directed towards the best production of its meat, especially of the most precious cuts, increasing the back-lumbar side from which the Florentine Steak is obtained.
The Chianina is a very ancient breed which has been breeded in Italy for more than 21 centuries. Originar of the Central Italy, the Valdichiana, located between Tuscany and Umbria, the Chianina gave out later in all the provinces of the Central Italy.
In the province of Arezzo, the Chianina is certified by the I.G.P. label, White Veal of the Central Appennine.
In kitchen
The Chianina meat is distinguished by all its anterior and posterior cuts, by its particular flavor and aroma, by its thinness due to the low fat substance and cholesterol and last but not least, its high nutritive content.